About Hyde Park Montessori

Hyde Park

Located in the historic Hyde Park District of central Austin, Hyde Park Montessori School (“HPM”) is close to the University of Texas and convenient to downtown. We serve 60 children ages 2 – 6, following the Austin Independent School Districts’ calendar with slight alterations.

At HPM we are as committed to our own growth and development as we are the growth and development of your child.  In our efforts to improve our school, we have recently made a few big changes.  We are incorporating under a new non-profit and we are changing leadership.  Building on the legacy of The Montessori Center, we are committed to growing on the success we have all built together.  Almost all of the teachers and staff will remain, meaning that those vital relationships we have built with your child will remain intact.  You probably won’t notice much difference, other than things will continue to get better and better. We look forward to continuing our journey together.

Hyde Park Montessori is directed by Director. There is an experienced and dedicated staff of teachers that are working together with the director to create a wonderful community made up of students, parents and families.

The house in which Hyde Park Montessori operates has a rich history. After the home was originally built for an Austin Mayor in 1920 it became a home for learning as a preschool. Since 1972 it has been a Montessori school and is now the home of Hyde Park Montessori. The lush avenues and friendly neighborhood of  Hyde Park make for a lovely environment for playing and learning children.  Behind the blue fence that spans the entrance of HPM is not only an engaging and captivating environment that empowers children to learn about socialization, independence, coordination, confidence and creativity, it is also a home to caring, experienced and inspirational teachers and guides.  Three classrooms, two large playgrounds and several gardens provide plenty of outdoor activity for young creative minds.