Classes & Age Groups

The 2’s Classroom

Our 2′s classroom is in the cottage, and has 11 children with a lead teacher,  and an assistant.  2 year olds like to lift and push heavy things, learn vocabulary words, become potty-trained (if they aren’t already), and play with each other. 2′s are very social, even with just a little language!


The 3-6’s Classrooms

We have two classes for 3-6 year old children, one with 25 and one with 24. There are two adults in each group, at least one of whom is a lead teacher. We often have student teachers as assistants, or two lead teachers in a class. 3-6 year olds like to develop their fine motor coordination, make friends, help younger children, and learn all kinds of things.

The teachers here at HPM love to do workshops for parents, on topics such as parenting, helping academics develop at home, how academics are fostered at school, and nutrition. Ask for a topic!